When Concept is Sound but the Execution Falls Short

                                         There may not be a lot of people who would share my feelings on fashion but I believe that it is art. Something that starts off as nothing but becomes a concept can become something so unexpected. But what happens when the concept is sound but the finished product falls short, well me personally I would try again but we all have our own take on not just fashion but everything. There are no guidelines in fashion and what you wear should speak to you on some level. I must say it breaks my heart when I see someone walking around in something so atrocious because it is a designer label, just because it has Fendi, Prada or Chanel on it doesn't mean you should wear it. Test it out, look at it and see if it actually fits your personality. 

                                       Do not walk around in designer duds that are just that "duds" dress to impress no one but yourself  because when you start dressing to fit the masses then you lose who you truly are. Trust me if you had on no known labels but #1 was comfortable in what you had on and #2 exuded confidence then everyone would compliment you. Designer duds do not make anyone. You make your clothes they do not make you.

XOXO, Lola :)


  1. Love this post; I agree wholeheartedly!

    1. I know this reply is 6 months late but I want to say thank you. You don't know how much it means to know you read my blog and took the time out to comment. Once again thank you so much.


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