Fashion is in The Eye of the Beholder

                                                 Haute Couture is HOT in my book, but I always wonder why when people try to take chances in America it's frowned upon.  Anything we don't understand is shunned and made fun of.  But I poo on that, why would you want to walk around looking like the masses?  Take chances be an individual and walk in confidence, that's what fashion is all about.

                                                 I absolutely adore the dress Ginnifer Goodwin is wearing and others tore it to pieces. Well HELLO it is Haute in it's truest and purest form. It is stylish and the lines are clean. It's a great silhouette and hugs her body well. If this was another country I think the views and comments would be different.  We should embrace new things it's what makes life sweet. Let's do something that a small part do. Conformity is so over, it's time to look a little different and try something new.

XOXO, Lola :)


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