Color Blocking/Contrasting: A Classic Or Fad?

                                          Color blocking is all the the rage this season it has been popping up in every store in different ways and colors and I personally like it.  It first made it's "high - color" debut last year with more contrasting colors, the reds or greens with purples or oranges. This season it seems to be more and different color patterns but would you call it a fad or fashion staple or classic you could have had in your closet for years?

                                           Well lets delve into it, I'm sure we have all paired black/white or red together or blue/ red etc. it is a look that is both a fad and staple or classic. I am personally not a fan of fads. I do not like looking like everyone else nor do I believe it is a fashion do but I am in love with the new colors. Coral and pink, Lime with Ivory or any others you mix can't go wrong. But my advice and plea is please don't go out and see an outfit on a mannequin and do the same thing. The best fashion statement in my book is "Individuality." 

                                        Be different yet hip make your own statement not one that was made for you. Because trust me if you take the whole look you are bound to see someone walking down the street that looks just like you and God forbid the outfit looks better on them. So go out and find two colors you love and match them up, buy a great pair of shoes and accessories and if you know look good and love how you look so will everyone else because a great outfit is just rags if there is no confidence.

                                       So no matter if you are girl like me who likes to look different and stand out in your own indivual way or like looking more contemporary the in season style of color blocking/ contrasting is right for you, you can't go wrong with a little color in your life.
                                                                      XOXO, Lola :)


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