A Shoe a Day (An Experiment in Fashion)

               I recently watched a 20/20 episode about obsessions and there was a woman who owned 1400+ pairs of shoes and what stuck in my mind the most was the fact she wears them all.  I don't own nearly as many as her but I have an substantial amount but I wear less than half of them.  So then I started to think, I have already given away the ones I know I won't wear (the ones I have never worn or only worn once and are just sitting in my closet) so I've decided if I like them so much that I can't seem to depart with them I need to wear them or give them away. 

                I started Saturday and it has been a great learning experience thus far and very cleansing.  I am falling in love with my shoes again and remembering when, where and why I bought those and in some cases what handbag did I buy to go with them.  It makes me appreciate what I have and it is also showing me how my style has evolved. 

                I believe this will be a great experiment for anyone whether you have clothing, jewelry or handbags you haven't worn in awhile try it and see how exciting it feels.  Thanks for reading and feel free to comment.
XOXO Lola K.

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