My Five Must Haves for Fall

Fall is soon to arrive, we've seen fashions in stores since June/ July. There are so many cute items to look forward to. Here are my top picks for Fall. #1 Leopard Print Pumps or Booties; There is so much you can do with a leopard shoe for me it's as essential as a nude pump and can be paired with so many colors. It's a cute and super chic pairing with so many pieces most already have in their closet and can be that update that you were looking for for that grass green or lavender skirt you haven't worn for ages. No matter your style you will find a pair that works for you. #2 Corduroy Leggings; Denim is loved by all and a staple in everyone's closet as it should be but a thicker material is perfect for those cooler nights. Try grey or navy with a great multicolored striped sweater or oversized blouse. #3 Grey or Pastel Purple-Hued Nail Color; A great muted color is perfect for fall. Be sure to pick one that compliments your skintone. I loved the colors so much I started a little early with this one, I picked a great lilac color for my toes and a metalic grey for my nails that I topped with silver glitter to give an almost starry night effect. #4 A Great Scarf; I personally wear scarves year round. They are a great accessory and staple for anyone's closet for both men and women. A nice multicolored one with metallic threads would be great when pairing with a grey or brown sweater and a pair of jeans. #5 Oxfords; Whether it's a wing-tip, wedge or dancewear style paired with a floral dress or a pair of skinny jeans are perfect for fall. I hope you go out and pick up these items and if you have some must have essentials you can't live without let me know. Thanks for reading :-) XOXO Lola K.<3

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