Being Comfortable in Your Own Skin

This will be a short post, but one anyone would agree with. The best accessory for anyone is being confident, if you put on something and you feel iffy about it, it'll show in your posture. Your stance is highly important. When you stand tall it tells people you are happy in what you have on. You could have on an outfit that's worth a million dollars but if you are not into it you might as well have on a brown paper bag. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but it starts first within us. I dress to first impress me because at the end of the day I go home to only me. Fashion is my love and to me it starts with confidence. Whether or not you are happy with who you portray in a style sense everyday, it bleeds through your skin. Love you and you will be a walking fashionista because no one can tell you differently. I hope you enjoy reading, as always feel free to comment. XOXO Lola K.

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