Denim Shading & Styling

You can walk on any street in any town in American and 50% of the people who walk by will have on some type of denim. I have to admit even though I have about twenty pairs it usually isn't the first thing I pull out of my closet but lately jeans have been calling my name especially now that we are getting closer to cooler weather. My new fave style is super wide legs which look awesome with wedges. It is a big part of our daily outfits, so lets go over a few styles and some dos and don'ts. Skinny Jeans: I used to think only "skinny" people could wear them but I think it's really about how you wear them. If you're shorter go for a pair right below your ankle and elongate your legs by wearing a heel. More curvy don't go super tight or low and more on a straighter leg. Wide leg: My fave pick for fall. I'm not a skinny girl and this week I tried out a pair of super wide leg jeans and made sure to wear a fitted tank and jacket and added a sash to my waist to show off my curves better. Straight leg: I'm not a huge fan of straight leg denim unless it has a small hint of flare and a darker denim is key in my book. I love to wear it with a longer tailored blazer. Tapered leg: I honestly believed it is a enemy to every woman no matter if you have the perfect shape and are 5'8"+ Bootcut: Everyone has a pair or more of these, it is perfect for all shapes and sizes just be careful of the color and rinses. Bell Bottoms: Who doesn't like an extra flare? Looks great in alot of rinses and will be also perfect with a platform heel. (They had it right in the the 70's) Flare leg: The perfect median for those who likes a little more flare than the straight leg but feel bell bottoms are too much. So many styles to choose from, you can't pick just one. As a matter of fact it might me time for a new pair. Just pick wisely and enjoy. Thanks for reading and feel free to omment. XOXO LolaK.

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