My Style


                                      I have dedicated my life to all things fashion, I don't trends are just the end all and be all of fashion but also your personal style. Some people love fads and what's on trend at the time, some like vintage and classics. We all have our likes and my style icons may not be on my list and I love looking for styles I like on models, actresses and regular people like me but I decided to bring you my style. It has evolved over the years from very boho/hippie to vintage, classic, preppy and of course boho/hippie chic.

                                   I love unexpected designs and I hate looking like other people, I don't follow fads and trends and base my clothing on what I like at the moment.  I like what I like and my confidence makes it work.  Here's a little bit of my style I hope you like it and if you do or don't still feel free to comment, all are appreciated.

                                               Thanks for reading, XOXO Lola K.


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