My Favorite Time of Year

I absolutely love Christmas, I love the reason behind this season. I love the lights, putting up a tree, watching all the movies and the songs. I love remembering how much God loves me by allowing his son to come to earth for me and the gift we all received for it. I love giving to others showing those I love how much I truly do, seeing the Salvation Army at almost every store and listening to the bells and thinking an angel just received their wings. Remembering when I was younger drinking hot chocolate and listening to christmas songs on Christmas eve. There is so much I could write, I have so many awesome memories of this season and wish it was much longer. Oh Christmas how love thee. XOXO Lola K. "This post is powered by #blmgirls. You can also check out other posts from our #blmbloghop by visiting and learn more about #blmgirls here:


  1. This is so random, but this post reminds me that I must go to Panera tomorrow to purchase a cup of the new hot chocolate with artisan marsh mellows. Yes! #blmhop

  2. Ooh I want to go now, new tradition for me lol. Thanks for commenting I'm going to be honest I was starting to feel like no one from #blmgirls were going to read my blog ever. You commenting means alot :-).

  3. Sounds like you have some fantastic memories! I adore Christmastime.


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