Justin Timberlake's Dapper Look In "Mirrors" Music Video

                         When I saw Justin Timberlake's video for Mirrors I saw a movie that could have been on the silver screen in the 40's.  It was classic with a little sexiness.  I loved how it was all about an older couple reminiscing on their life from the first date.  Then something amazing (and weird in the best way) happened, J. T. comes out in this dapper outfit, black trench, turtleneck, trousers and these Louboutins with steal toes that were WOW!!!  I was struck by the whole look and the mirrors just enhanced the beauty that is Justin Timberlake.  His hair was reminiscent of the men of the 20's.
Justin Timberlake has truly impeccable style. 

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Official Video for "Mirrors" below.......
Justin Timberlake "Mirrors"


  1. I completely agree, i love the shoes, and


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