MTV VMA Celeb Style

         Tonight was the VMAs and one of the reasons we watched was to look at what the celebs are wearing the other more important part was to see the Nsync reunion which was the best ever!!! 

           Anyway back to the fashions, most celebs showed up looking red carpet ready and some looked horrendous as expected.  I usually only comment on my favorite looks because I feel fashion is subjective and even if I don't understand ones sense of style it is theirs to have but I can't keep quiet about these looks so for the first time I will be doing a worse dress list.

          Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift looked ah-mazing tonight. 
          Selena is showing her peers how to become an adult in style.  Her navy dress was the perfect mix of sexiness and elegance and just to add to the sexiness a lace sheer corset insert and a side slit. She said to the world I am a woman now. 
           Her Bff Taylor opted a for dress that was equally sexy with a plunging neckline and wavy bob she would have fit in perfectly with Bridget Bardo and Marilyn Monroe.
          Katy Perry's leopard dress was the perfect fit for her new single Roar which I'm sure was the point.  She looked effortless.
             Ciara's dress was perfect for the carpet, sheer and covered in all the right places, the mermaid style skirt with feathers, perfection.  Although her hair up would have been nice.  

            Rita Ora most of the time misses the mark in her styling but today she looked great.  She pulled the whole look off the runway including her shoes so no mess ups there.  I also loved her sleek bob.


   Now something that pains me a little, worse dressed or better yet, "What were they thinking?!?!?!" 

         Lil Kim looked like she was trying bring back the old days when she was on the charts showing she's the baddest and what all the guys want. Instead of the nipple cover she opted for sheer pants and nether region cover.  Her loubs and gold belt only added to the madness. 

       Miley Cyrus is trying to learn who she is and let everyone know she is no longer a Disney Princess but a grown sexual woman and proved it tonight when she girated on a very married Robin Thicke.  On the red carpet she opted for an outfit that looked like an costume perfect for a flamenco dancer.  She completed her outfit with bantu knots to show her hip hop side, on the plus side she'll have killer waves when she lets them down.


Selena Gomez, giving us something fierce.

Taylor Swift, blonde and statuesque.

Ciara, feather goddess.

Rita Ora, feathers and crystals never looked better.

Lil Kim taking it back to when she the baddest, but why???

Miley Cyrus, her take on Hip Hop?  Do it like Kris Kross and Kid n Play.

Who where some of your faves and who just didn't make the mark?  Let me know in the comments below.

♥ Thanks for reading and as always feel free to comment.  XOXO Lola K. ♥


  1. ♥ Selena & Taylor's looks they have really blossomed into beautiful, grown women.

    Lil Kim - I'd hate to run into her on the street !!!!
    Great post xx


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