One Dress 4 Seasons My Style Edition


                  This post was inspired by what I wore today, this Old Navy stripe bodycon dress is my favorite go to item in my closet.  Fall is just around the corner and this will be a staple for me again.  I love the versatility and blue for me is the new black.  Below I put together 4 different looks for the changing seasons. 

               Are there pieces in your closet that you are stoked to transition with you in the different seasons?  If so I hope these outfit ideas will get your inspirational juices flowing.

Spring Look, warmer weather makes me whimsical, I paired it with my comic print Converse and stars clutch.  With the sweater it is geek chic perfection.

Summer look, I love purple
 and blue together. The necklace and printed bag gives an bohemian feel to the look, I wanted a neutral shoe so I paired it with a beige Jessica Simpson sandal.


Fall look, cooler weather means boots, I love these Antonio Melanio peeptoe booties and to dress them down I opted for a khaki jacket and backpack that I actually made a few years ago.

Winter look, this blue coat was a true find it is a great royal blue and with tights and these suede Steve Madden booties are perfect for a night out on the town.  For added warmth this shimmery blue scarf is ideal.

♥ Thanks for reading and as always feel free to comment.  XOXO Lola K. ♥


  1. I love that dress!! You put together some really fab looks!


    1. Thanks Dee this is so weird but I love your look for your Facebook profile pic, those jeans are to die for ♥.

  2. Love it... Where did you find the dress and Royal Blue jacket?

    1. Thanls Shanti, I got the dress from Old Navy for only $6.00 and the coat from Ross on clearance for 4.49 :-).

  3. Love this post ! Being able to wear clothing through different seasons is essential - especially when your a student & don't have ££££ to waste !!! ♥♥


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