Things Girls Do That Will Completely Wreck Your Entire Look


              I think having your own sense of style is highly important but there are some things I have seen more lately that irks me and completely wrecks an outfit.  No matter what look you are going for.  Read below for a list of things that completely wreck your look. 

             Open Toe Sandals and Chipped Polish Do Not Mix; Sandals should be worn with a fresh pedi if your polish is chipped you take away from whole look.  Not a fan of polish clean nails are fine.

           Expensive Clothing and Worn or Cheap Looking Shoes;  You splurge on a gorgeous dress and decide the dress is so spectacular your shoes don't matter, LIES!!!  Accessories are important and make the outfit. Please believe me people will be looking at your footwear, it is in a woman's nature to look at shoes.
            Hair Should Always Flow with Your Head to Toe; Your look is amazing from neck to toe so you think having unkempt hair will go unnoticed, I have to respectively disagree. Hair is as important as any other accessory.

            Nails Will Help Nail That First Date; You're going out on your first date with an amazing guy and you guys have had great conversations on the phone, you feel like you guys have known each other forever. You get ready for your date and forget an important step, your nails. Chipped polish, unclean nails and crazy shapes are a no no for the first date. Opt for red, nude or clear, be sure your nails are clean and cut.

         I hope this helps and if you have some fashion and style don'ts let me know.

♥ Thanks for reading and as always feel free to comment.  XOXO Lola K.  ♥


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