My Fave Celeb Style of 2013

               For the start of the new year all blog posts this week will be about my faves of 2013.  So check back later this week for more posts.

             2013 was filled with movie premieres and Awards Shows, online and in magazines you could find a smorgasbord of fashion from celebs and there are definitely a lot that did not disappoint but for me I must say my favorite was Selena Gomez.   Her style transformed right in front of our eyes.
She morphed into this sexy but classy young woman who wasn't afraid to take risks but in a Monroe, Garbo, Taylor way.

            Effortless Styling on red carpets or just out and about around town, Selena was the young celeb to beat.  I loved the cutouts, lace, high splits and low cut of her looks. 

          I would love to know your fave(s) for 2013.  So feel free to comment below. 

        ♡♥♡ Thanks for reading.  XOXO Lola K. ♡♥♡



  1. Selena Gomez is definitely stylish! Always! I love the second pic with the white blazer.

    1. Yes, thank you for stopping by my fellow BLM girl.


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